Tide and time wait for no man [for M.V.]
Site specific wall painting at Park, Platform for visual arts Tilburg
Acrylic on wall, 1410 x 385 cm, Jan 2017

Parallel Runnings [it's the Space in Between]
Acrylic on raw cotton fabric, 70x50cm, 2017

Recurrent [I Cannot Tell You]
Acrylic on raw cotton fabric, 100x70 cm, 2017

Untitled [after Bernard Frize]
Acrylic on raw synthetic fabric, 60x50 cm, 2017

Untitled [horizontal multicolor]
100x70 cm, 2017

Untitled [porple foldings]
Acrylic and medium on unprepared corduroy, 65x45 cm, 2017

High Tide
Acrylic on unprepared corduroy, 40x30 cm, 2017

Gemaakt met Berta